The first step to professional development and growth is to know and understand your personality strengths and weaknesses, your communication style, your preferred style of decision-making, your time management habits, and your problem-solving skills. Below you can purchase all these surveys and complete them on-line. We recommend this order: 1. DiSC personality survey 2. Team dynamics 3. Time management 4. Management style 5. Leadership style.

360 EVALUATION REPORT Download Sample Purchase

This is one of the most requested assessment instruments we offer. It allows you to professionally obtain feedback and input from your staff, peers, managers and other team members about a particular team member whose skills you want to develop to help them succeed and improve. This instrument allows up to 180 people to participate in each evaluation. The person being evaluated also participates.

Price: $190.00

DiSC PERSONALITY SURVEY Download Sample Purchase

The most popular of all our surveys and by far, the most powerful and effective. Provides individual personality profile, strengths, weaknesses and coaching workbook.

Price: $76.00

DiSC PERSONALITY TEAM VIEW Download Sample Purchase

Provides an at-a-glance view of the personalities in your team in a simple to read overview of each person's personality profile chart. See sample below. Excellent for building teamwork and trust-building.

Price: $19.00


This assessment is powerful and effective not only for executives and managers but also for team leaders and future leaders in your company. It measures the essential outlooks, attitudes and skills necessary to create excellent leadership habits and sustain vision, alignment and execution.

Price: $95.00


You get 2 management assessments for the price of 1. The first assessment measures personality, behaviors and attitudes about management. The 2nd survey measure the practical day-to-day skills that makes managers effective, consistent and reliable. The 1st one is completed on-line. The 2nd one will email to you.

Price: $95.00


Communication is by far the most difficult thing to create within teams. This survey measures the favored communication style of each individual, their strengths and weaknesses in dialogue, conversations and decision-making. This is our 2nd most popular, most powerful assessment instrument.

Price: $38.00

TIME MANAGEMENT SURVEY Download Sample Purchase

Everyone needs improvement on time management habits and routines. This survey allows you to see which areas each individual team member needs help to improve their time management skills. Survey provides exceptional results and an effective workbook to help each team member improve. Excellent for both staff members and managers.

Price: $38.00