Training with short and long lasting results

Companies are rightly suspicious whether the investment theynormally make on consultants and trainers actually produces the results desired or that the skills learned produce long-lasting results. We launched Team Real World in 2008 and Winning in the Workplace in 2016 to provide to specifically address those concerns. We have helped clients across multiple industries on how to make their training effective, engaging and long-lasting. Our on-line training library makes it possible to help clients world-wide obtain the same training and tools. With our platform, managers can roll-out training consistently, monitor who is participating in the training via weekly reports. And, what’s best, our on-line program is interactive and tailored. If we do not have modules or topics that you need, contact us, send us your list and we will interact with you to provide you those modules and courses.

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Maurice Velasquez

As founder and president of Team Real World, Maurice is a proven leader with extensive expertise in client relationships, a disciplined focus on aligning teams and a track record for helping clients communicate and execute effectively. He works with executive teams to design their unique program and facilitates the collaboration with middle managers to lead their companies to sustainable growth. His clients include Neighbors Federal Credit Union, Carline Companies, Guaranty Broadcasting, Cornerstone Flooring, Acme Refrigeration and Renal Associates. From 1994 to 2007, Maurice designed and implemented custom sales and technology-based programs for companies such as Formosa Plastics, American Banking Institute, LA Department of Revenue, BASF Plastics, USAgencies and 200+ companies, state agencies and non-profits state-wide. Maurice has a degree in programming and certified in Wiley-owned, DiSC-based behavioral programs.

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John Sherk

John is a senior partner at Team Real World. For nearly 15 years he has helped companies with organizational change, executive leadership, profit margin development, and team alignment with a focus on strategic development and fundraising. His clients include JMTest, STAR Service BR and NOLA, Ascend Performance, Life City, Dorgnac’s Supermarket and Guaranty Insurance Company. John has an MA in Theology from Notre Dame, and currently writing his Ph.D. dissertation with a focus on human capital development from University of Southern Mississippi.